Ladeklar is looking for a Senior Technical Architect

Join Ladeklar as their next Senior Technical Architect as they propel towards the future of EV charging!

Ladeklar is growing fast and needs robust systems up and running at an even quicker rate. We also need someone to be able to look at the entire picture and keep everything in check, facilitate discussions and dialogue between developers. Lastly, we need someone to coordinate all the efforts - the whole of its sum needs to be greater than the sum of its parts. Is this something you see yourself doing?

Who are we?

The world is being electrified. There’s no way around it, and everyone looks to Norway to learn about electric vehicles and renewable energy. Here they find Ladeklar, a young tech company founded by hydropower. After two years of operation, we have built close to 500 charging facilities to serve more than 30.000 parking spaces. Now we have established subsidiaries in Europe to utilize all our experience and knowledge.

Ladeklar is a scale up in a market growing at rocket speed. We aim to accelerate the shift towards EVs – one of many solutions to the climate crisis. Backing us we have two strong owners who have been working with electrification for more than 100 years, and they´re eager to see us succeed. After two years of experimentation in the most potent EV market in the world, we are now building the charging platform that will provide European EV’s with electricity.

The position

The Technical Architect will be the first of its kind at Ladeklar and you will therefore have the opportunity to become a “platform lead” eventually. We have big plans for growth – and the architect will be responsible for designing the architecture for what’s now and for what comes next.

A part of the job is to discuss to find the most optimal solution and probably fighting for the solution as well – Ladeklar has a flat organizational structure and is therefore all about cooperation, not overruling others. In this role you won’t be invited to all discussions, and you need to be able to read between the lines and invite yourself sometimes. This is because the need for speed is higher that perfection. Seems very inclusive, right? Well - this job will be challenging, so we are looking for you who are down for the challenge.

Key tasks and responsibilities

The main responsibilities will vary until we get more architects are onboarded, but some key responsibilities will be:

  • Design and maintain the overall architectural documentation
  • Design scalable microservices
  • Responsible for communication and development between product teams
  • Keep the technical platform up to date according to business- and domain-requirements
  • Implement said services in accordance with architectural best practices
  • Integrate with third-party tools e.g CRM and ERP systems
  • Write code and help with development when needed
  • Responsible for structuring and organizing resources in Azure
  • Organize and conduct technical interviews


These are the most important technologies we currently deploy:

  • Azure serverless technologies such as functions and logic apps
  • Azure SQL, CosmosDB, TimescaleDB
  • Azure AD
  • .NET, React+Typescript
  • Infrastructure as Code through Bicep deployed by multi-stage pipelines in Azure DevOpsMicroservices

What can we offer you

Working at Ladeklar is all about experimenting with technology, at a rapid pace! A position here will put you in the forefront of EV charging infrastructure. Leveraged by the power of your team you'll be part of building a scale-up where you won't have to mess around in legacy, but rather play around with modern technology. You'll also be able to choose which technologies gets used. Last of all, you'll be at a company that believes in a flat structure, with a high degree of autonomy. You and your team will have complete trust from Stian, the CEO of our company.

Other positives

  • As Ladeklar is expanding, we will onboard new architects too. As the first architect there will be opportunities to be a lead as new architects arrive.
  • Possibility of moving to both Germany and Sweden in the future
  • Great benefits in terms of pension, insurances, etc.

Who are you?

It's important to note that your experience and skills are most important, not how those were obtained. Apart from that, these are some of the qualities we look for in a person:

  • Quick and iterative based on business needs
  • Experienced with Microservices, .NET and React.
  • Preferably some experience with infrastructure as code and cloud platforms (Azure)
  • Self-driven and autonomous
  • Engaged and curious, willing to try new solutions and implement them
  • A “go-getter”
  • Experience with event-driven microservices
  • Forward thinking and eager
  • Opinionated
  • Preferably open for a lead position in the future
  • You are an advocate for secure, clean and privacy-focused architectures
  • You have hands-on experience with development, preferably .NET

What comes next?

We want to make this process as smooth as possible. If you would like further information prior to deciding if this is of interest or not, then please get in touch with our recruitment partner, Ole Foss at AvantGarde Search. He will happily send you a full prospectus with a lot more information about Ladeklar and the position.

Or – you could just apply straight away. At this point we only require a copy of your resumé or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

We look forward to meeting you!