WE’RE LOOKING FOR A... Payments Engineer

At Otovo, we want clean and local energy in every home. To achieve this, we are building solutions that provide the easiest way for homeowners to get solar panels on their roofs.

As one of Europe's fastest-growing green-tech start-ups, we're determined to make that dream a reality.

Otovo is a tech company. Our software is instrumental in our efforts to make solar easy, cheap, and available everywhere:

  • We make solar easy by providing customers with tailored offers simply by visiting our website and entering their address. No need for home visits.
  • We make solar cheap by providing a platform where installers need to compete on price and quality to get assignments.
  • We make solar available everywhere by quickly expanding our platform to new markets all over the world.

Since our launch in Norway in 2016, we have come a long way. Currently, you will find us in Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, and Brazil.

We are now getting ready to roll out our technology platform in markets across the world. Did we catch your interest yet? Keep on reading!

We need your help

We're looking for an engineer that enjoys working with financial systems and the movement of money.

You will be a part of the Finance department, and work closely with the Product departments on making sure that our customers can easily pay their bills, that our installers can easily get paid, and making our accounting staff able to understand and have insights into the transactions.

  • Design, create and maintain the payment architecture to support our solar customers, as well as partners
  • Create and maintain systems for automatic payments (Credit cards, SEPA, etc)
  • Manage the complexities of invoicing across Europe
  • Create and maintain custom workflows in Netsuite
  • Design, create and maintain custom Python-based services for out-of-ERP work

The position is reporting to the Head of Group Accounting.

What do you offer?

You have experience using modern Python 3.

We use Python as our primary programming language for backend service, so it's a big plus if you have experience writing modern and testable Python code. We are big fans of choosing tools and technologies that let us focus on product development and shipping value to our customers.

We believe that as much as possible of formatting and syntax should be automated as there is greater value in regularity in code than the alternative.

We keep out syntax and formatting in check by leveraging "black" (Python formatting tool), and a solid set of "flake8" (A python linter collection) rules. These rulesets are automatically checked by our CI system.

You have experience with ERP integrations

Creating good integrations between complex systems is hard, and full of fun surprises. Having experience with this set of problems is of course a plus :-)

What's in it for you?

You get to be part of the journey. As a company, we have so much left to learn and figure out. Otovo is a puzzle to figure out, a riddle to solve. If you like that, you'll like it here.

Both the finance and product team sits in the main office in Torggata, right in the middle of Oslo. Lunch? Not a problem! Help yourself to free lunch in the kitchen or head out into Oslo's main food street.

We're open to working from home, but also like the opportunity to be together in the office during the week.

Here's some more of what we offer:

  • More solar panels = less global warming. You have a chance to make a meaningful contribution.
  • You'll work with colleagues that are enthusiastic, passionate, and eager to learn.
  • All of the boring stuff in order with great pension and insurance coverage.
  • We take care of your internet and phone bills - no more slow access at home.
  • Hardware budget where you're free to pick your own gear.
  • You will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to working hours.
  • If you have to relocate to Norway, we'll help you out.

So much good stuff! What's not to like?

Sounds interesting?

Do you want to join a winning team building the #1 solar energy company in Europe, that is unlocking clean, sustainable energy into every home? Get your CV and grades ready and submit your application today!

Application deadline: 2 November 2021

We will respond to all applications after the deadline.

If any questions, please reach out to Simen Fure Jørgensen at +47 920 30 173.