Want to tell data stories so that we can make better decisions?

As a data engineer, you will take over reMarkable’s data mission not far from scratch by combining expertise in either of business analytics, data engineering and AI.

reMarkable is a Norwegian technology company that develops products and services to help people think better in a distracted world. In a short amount of time, we’ve grown from a small startup to having over 200 permanent employees and two fantastic office locations in central Oslo. Building our own hardware, OS, and software on all platforms and the successful launch of our second-generation paper tablet, which has been named as one of TIME's "100 Best Innovations of 2020", we’re facing new challenges and opportunities as we expand into the global arena. As such, we’re currently looking for Data Engineers.

About the role

After reaching a headcount of about 20 developers within the cloud unit, we are now on a journey to hire more specialized profiles. As a data engineer and/or scientist, you will take over reMarkable’s data mission not far from scratch by combining expertise in either of business analytics, data engineering and AI.

In terms of business analytics, we recently chose to commit to Looker as the default tooling internally for its flexibility and ability to cater for vanilla and custom needs. We are not utilizing our data to its full extent and there are many data stories yet to be told so that we can make better decisions. Likewise, there are opportunities for collecting and joining with data sets we don’t hold yet: advisory and idea generation about what we should model is an essential part of the role. Additionally, you would contribute to shaping world-class data governance by leveraging your inner architect self. As for data engineering, BigQuery has been an important element for us this far but we are only scratching its surface. You would design and execute on good practices relevant for reMarkable. You would also ensure we make the most of BigQuery’s growing set of unique features, leveraging relevant GCP assets in conjunction.

When it comes to AI/ML, we have high ambitions and we hope you do too. We have identified a few use-cases which we are beginning to explore: features to augment our product offering client and server-side, ways to tailor and increase our market reach, potential to save cost and manpower through AIOPs, amongst others. Does this sound exciting ? Such use-cases only emerge when domain expertise and technical acumen meet halt-way, we are looking for the sort of people who could add to that list. We have a desire for individuals who can identify specific opportunities and lead convincing dialogues based on real experiments.

A little word about our general tech stack too. We use GCP as our first-choice cloud vendor but are positioning ourselves for a multi-cloud future, namely through Terraform. We are keen on both open-source and commercial partners to leverage communities or retain the luxury of choice. Our backend is so far written in Go, Node, and Python to a lesser extent. We follow microservices patterns. We generally operate high-up on the cloud stack, but go closer to the metal for certain real-time needs. Our web solutions are fairly advanced and depicted by SPAs, micro-frontends, pre-rendering and A/B experiments. The clients, when not web-based, run C++ mostly. We’ve refrained, this far, from using SaaS DevOps offerings and are keen to own our pipelines fully.

Further tasks and responsibilities (one or more):

● Work closely with our tech partners: Google Cloud Platform, Looker, DoIT or other consultancies.

● Develop LookML models and Looker visualizations

● Design, conduct, analyse and interpret experiments using Python (s)

● Building data pipelines and IAM policies (e)

● Investigating AI opportunities, embedded within our products, cloud and strategy: tuning existing models or designing our own (e&s)

● MLOps and designing ML architectures on GCP (s)

● Deploying smart, minimal documentation

● Participating in Alphas and Betas to be one of us


● Higher education within Technology or other relevant fields

● Fluency in SQL

● Experience with ETL tools and data pipelines

● Track record of taking ownership, end-to-end and finding creative solutions

● Ability to demonstrate how data and AI can be applied to solve problems

● Love for the command line and affinity for scripting

Bonus points:

- Track record in public (AWS, GCP, Azure, ...) or private clouds (OpenStack, etc...)

- Experience building REST APIs

- Contributions to open source projects

- Applied knowledge of HTML / CSS / Javascript or relevant data visualization libraries

- Background in Linear Algebra, Statistics and Numerical Mathematics

- Practical experience of some machine learning libraries or in-cloud ML offering

What do we offer?

● The opportunity to work with a highly skilled and adaptable team in a collaborative environment. We work together to solve everything from production, hardware, software development, marketing campaigns, company strategy, management, CRM, content production, and lots more.

● Rewarding and challenging tasks that you will see the direct results from.

● The opportunity to get involved in every step of creating a product used and valued by hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe.

● Career development opportunities with a focus on professional and personal development, either as a specialist in your chosen field, or a team leader. We understand as a fast-growing company both are crucial to our success.

● Fantastic offices in our own converted townhouse in central Oslo and a brand new building close by designed specifically for our rapidly expanding team.

● The chance to join an exciting Nordic tech scaleup in a booming sector.

At reMarkable we offer an unique opportunity to contribute towards building a global tech company. You will join a fast- growing organisation with passionate employees and lots of great social activities. We aim to offer a work environment where you will be challenged and that is centered around our core values of Curiosity, Dedication and Generosity.

As well as offering competitive terms and conditions, you will also have the opportunity to purchase shares at our employee price and enjoy six weeks of holiday per year.