Senior Frontend Engineer

Help us create the software applications that will change Norwegian healthcare forever.

As experienced technologists, the work we do is important to our employers, but, at some point, we all ask ourselves the same question: Is the work itself important?

At Aidn, your superpowers will not go to waste.

Our ambition is to create the missing healthcare platform all Norwegians deserve—an integrated set of applications that allows institutions, clinicians, social workers, and citizens to collaborate on healthcare matters as a single team.

What you will be doing

As a frontend engineer, you will create and develop software applications on a greenfield software-as-a-service for the Norwegian health sector. You will be working in an autonomous cross-functional team consisting of full time, and highly skilled, product managers, designers, backend- and frontend engineers.

You will be working on a state-of-the-art, well known, frontend tech stack with TypeScript, React and NextJS. As engineers, we also want to ensure the quality of our software, and love using both Jest and Cypress for our testing ecosystem, and Storybook for component exploration. As for the APIs connecting to our backend, we are commonly using GraphQL. In addition we have our own design system, created by highly experienced designers and frontend engineers.

We are at the moment growing our product teams, and are in the process of transitioning to forming six teams, each working in different product areas. You will be part of a team from scratch, and you will be working on early versions of the product, with great impact on architectural and technical decision making.

image: Senior Frontend Engineer

We think you have these qualities:

● Experience with working in cross-functional teams

● Fluent in TypeScript

● Experience with major JS frameworks, such as React or Vue

● Good communication skills

We think you will thrive at Aidn if…

● You have a strong sense of ownership and take responsibility for the architecture, design and code that is produced

● You are collaborative, energetic, have a "can-do" attitude

● You are passionate about improving the future solution within the health domain!

Why we are doing what we do

We are on a mission to save the healthcare system by making the complex simple. We are battling outdated documentation and reporting tools, by building a new cloud based patient system that will radically ease the way clinicians work and collaborate- from the ground up. This is the largest investment in eHealth platforms Norwegian Municipalities have ever seen.

Things to get excited about

● Greenfield work - building a cloud based solution from scratch where time from idea to production can happen in days if not hours

● Work where it suits you, at home or one of our offices in Bergen, Bodø or Oslo. Or maybe all of the above?

● 6 weeks vacation

● Opportunity to take part in our employee share scheme

● A purpose-driven company, solving real problems for real people

We are well funded and have the autonomy to focus on the important and fun stuff;

image: Senior Frontend Engineer

Aidn is part of the Kernel cooperation, where we build technology for the next generation of welfare societies. Well funded and supported by our owners, we are privileged to be a fully autonomous startup busy building our company from the ground up the way we see fit.

Are you curious?

We welcome you to check out our employee handbook to get to know us, some of our benefits and what drives us.