Senior Developer within fintech

We are a fast paced startup, where you will have a central role in the company’s growth.

Spense is a startup digitizing payments in the car industry. Our software provides significant cost savings as well as offering an innovative user journey for end-users with a flexible payment solution. We have strong investors backing us, amongst them are Gjensidige Mobility Group and Venditio. We have more than 200 paying customers using our products with high growth. Spense has a clear ambition to be an international player. We have offices in Oslo, nicely located at Bislett, containing a small and agile team that moves quickly. The team has a proven track record of successful startups.

What we can offer

- You will be one of the key technical people, enabling you to contribute heavily to all tech related decisions going forward as we scale. You will also be key in recruiting and scaling development teams as you will report directly to the CTO. We see it as a unique opportunity for professional growth more quickly than you would experience in most other companies, following the scaling and growth of the company.

- An environment where you will be able to work close to the customer, to really understand what is going on and see the impact of your work.

- All the regular implicit things everyone offers - like paid phone, internet and the gadgets you need.

- Stock options.

Who we think you are

- Someone with experience as a senior developer, or maybe you see yourself ready for it.

- You are good at problem solving, and choosing the right hammer for the job rather than being stuck with tradition and «yesterday’s decisions».

- You excel at backend development, but maybe still not afraid to touch the front-end side of things if needed, in order to get the job done. Or maybe you are a jack of all trades that can do the full stack. We use React for visuals.

- You probably have worked with several different database technologies, like different SQL databases, MongoDB and similar.

- You know your way in several different languages, for example JavaScript/TypeScript, Python or Rust. We use a mix of Javascript and Python, but we’re not married to these choices.