.Net Core senior developers

GreenStock was established in 2018 in collaboration with property owners and the building industry. The construction sector produces construction waste which accounts for over 35% of all waste created in the EU, which makes it one of the most important waste streams. Our goal is to reduce global material waste.

Are you a software developer who is passionate about the environment? Here’s your chance to develop software for a greener world!

Greenstock has developed a product that makes it easier to reuse building materials and fixtures. The EU has a goal of reusing 70% of its building materials (by weight), and to achieve this goal, efficient and user-friendly systems are needed to make reuse easy and efficient. Greenstock has risen to the challenge and developed digital infrastructure to facilitate a transition to a circular building industry.

GreenStock was established in 2018 in collaboration with property owners and the building industry. Over 35% of CO2 emissions and use of energy and water resources come from this industry in both Norway and Europe. Barriers to reducing this footprint are the technical, legal and financial challenges faced by industry and property owners in reusing building materials. Reuse through GreenStock must be simple and profitable. We have established a collaboration platform that takes care of reuse from A to Z.

At Greenstock, we are focused on developing products that both reduce our customers' use of resources and are robust and scalable - with goals to expand our products in Norway and Europe. All our products are cloud-based, we use AWS for all it's worth - where we use solutions such as Cognito, SQS, SNS, Fargate and Aurora. When we select technologies, we make decisions through discussion and evaluation with the entire development team to find out what will work best for our needs. In addition to AWS, we currently use .NETCore, Docker, GraphQL, SQL and React.

Our development team continually seeks new ideas to improve our products - we foster a development environment that values outside of the box thinking, where we bring in ideas from the development team and the stakeholder environment around our products. We do this not only to ensure an innovative development atmosphere, but also to develop products that are embedded in and strengthen the companies and organizations in the green building network.

Want to join us? We offer a unique opportunity to apply technical expertise to achieve social and environmental goals. As part of our team, you will be pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for cloud-based products. We have two openings for full-time senior developers. The development team is located in Trondheim, and we have flexible working hours and competitive salaries.

Our team is looking for people who like to work in an interdisciplinary, supportive environment; have relevant higher education and experience with development projects; like to code and are hands-on in nurturing product development. Does this sound like you? Get in touch!