Mobile app developer (React Native)

Pixel perfection – Implementing clean UI – Working close with the designer – Having a real impact on the UX. Sounds interesting? We’re looking for a passionate mobile app developer to join the team that will lay the foundation for a circular future.

About Newcycle

At Newcycle you will be welcomed by an experienced and passionate team of entrepreneurs, designers and engineers. We are still in the early stages, so your contributions will heavily affect our direction. This responsibility will of course be compensated through a fair salary and a generous stock options programme.

However, the one thing, above all others, that will make you love working at Newcycle, is that you will make a real difference. You will be able to focus your passion, skill and imagination where it matters. We are building transformative tech that will not only prolong the life of things, but of our planet as well.

Where are we on our journey?

We have built a proof of concept that is wow-ing retailers and investors. Currently we are working on integrations with retailers, and we're soon ready to release a beta app to our community of testers.

The first round of funding is secured, and we have put together an experienced board from different industries, including a former CEO for one of Norways largest retailers 🚀

About the job

In the everyday, you will work closely with a team that consist of the CEO/CPO, the CTO, a product designer, a frontend engineer and a backend engineer. We are currently building the foundation upon which everything we do going forward will be built, and we need you to make it great. No pressure 😁

You will claim ownership of your part of the product, and ensure it meets your standards of quality. In your wake, you will leave a coding environment that new engineers are easily onboarded to, and loves working in.

What we expect from you is creativity, honesty, commitment to our cause and pure excitement about building something truly great. In return we’ll give you a welcoming atmosphere, the freedom to shape the product and our culture, and to grow both as a person and an engineer.

image: Mobile app developer (React Native)

About you

  • You love building products ❤️

  • You would happily put a JavaScript poster on your wall (if you don't have one already, we'll provide one 😏)

  • You communicate well 💬

  • You enjoy working in a team 👫

  • You are proactive. If you see something that should be improved, you improve it ✅

  • You get energy from working from the office (but you are welcome to work remotely from time to time)⚡️

  • You are flexible, decisive and you know how to put ego aside and focus on the needs of the company 🚀

  • You have built a mobile app that you are proud of (and that people love using) 🤩

  • You know React Native 🧰

We strive to have a modernized stack throughout our platform, as we value great developer experience. These are some of the tools and technologies our team currently use: TypeScript, Node.js, React, React Native, serverless, messaging and queue systems, and more.

What we offer

  • A competitive salary (600K-800K NOK) and stock options programme 🏦

  • Great pension and insurance package 💞

  • Dedication to foster a great culture with a healthy work life balance ☯️

  • Joining a small team in its early stages means you’ll have a big impact on our journey 🌄

  • Highly passionate and talented team 🚀

  • Access to specialised expertise through the startup family 🥷

  • Nice offices and flexible work hours 🏕️

  • We got your phone and mobile subscription covered📱

  • The equipment you need to thrive at your job 💻

  • And last but not least; very exciting problems to solve 🧠

Your team

Newcycle is founded by the startup studio Railway and our friends at Kodebyraaet. The team is highly experienced, with a proven track record from multiple startups including Spoton, Orbit and Share.

  • Alexander Schüssel, Designer
  • Chris Aardal, Developer
  • Gabriel Fernandes, Developer
  • Johan Jøsok, CTO
  • Sondre Selbæk, CEO/CPO

To learn more about the team, have a look at our website.

Our startup family

When in a startup, the team is small by design. But there are benefits to being a larger group as well. A wider range of experiences and expertise, for instance. Or just more people to plan after work activities with 🏓🍻🚴♀️.

This is where the power of our extended family comes in. We’re all on Slack together, so if you need insight or knowledge from outside your team, you are welcome to ask anyone for input, or start a debate in an open channel whenever you feel like it.


We would love to talk to you about the details of what we are building and how it's like working in Newcycle. Feel free to send us an application, or to reach out directly to

image: Mobile app developer (React Native)