DevOps Engineer

Aller Media are expanding and are looking for a new DevOps engineer for our in-house team located in Hasle, Oslo.

The Team

The DevOps team are responsible for the day to day operation of Aller Medias online services, including products such as,, and more. Which serves over 1.X million people in Norway every day.

The Position

In this role, you will be a central member of the DevOps team and are expected to both monitor with the day to day operations, and to support your fellow developer colleagues on any technical challenges they might come up with.

Our setup is composed of microservices written in Go, Python and multiple other languages, all deployed to Google Kubernetes Engine. We use numerous other Google hosted services, including PubSub, Bigtable, BigQuery, and Memorystore (Redis). In addition, we use Varnish as a caching layer.

Preferred Qualifications

We strongly believe that excellent developers come from a variety of different backgrounds. As a guide, we are looking for someone with:

  • Experience using and/or automating Kubernetes clusters
  • Experience with container technology
  • Experience with Linux administration and scripting (bash, python, etc)
  • Some programming experience. Preferably in Go, but Rust, Java, C, or similar. Enough to help debug issues.
  • Experience with monitoring and centralized logging
  • Experience with build tools like CircleCI, Drone, or Jenkins
  • Experience with high volume sites and services

However, this list is not intended to discourage applications. We are open to hearing from anyone who believes they have something valuable to offer in this role, or has aptitude and a willingness to learn.

The ideal candidate is someone who can troubleshoot issues and then apply that learning to prevent future issues. That often involves more than just technical skill, and we are looking for someone who thrives in that type of environment.

The Company

Aller Media is one of the largest media conglomerates in Norway. The company has a wide range of products, from breaking news with Dagbladet as the front runner, to typical magazine products like Se og Hør and KK. In addition, Aller Media has a strong position with several leading brands in marketing services. Aller Media has been very successful in transforming its business, and many of our brands hold leading positions digitally. We are about 600 employees in Norway and the turnover is approximately 1,8 billion NOK.