CTO - Help save lives with your technical expertise

Picterus is a fast-moving medical technology startup founded in Trondheim, Norway, in 2015.

About Picterus AS

Picterus is a fast-moving medical technology startup founded in Trondheim, Norway, in 2015. We are developing highly advanced low-cost technologies that can significantly impact the world. Our bold ambition is to eliminate jaundice in newborns as a global health problem, and we collaborate with researchers and clinicians worldwide to help us achieve this goal.

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Our solution is an app-based system that can screen for jaundice in newborns, potentially saving the lives of more than 100,000 children each year. We have won several awards for our innovative jaundice app, most notably the DNB Healthcare prize.

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Our solution was CE-certified in October 2021 and is now in use by our first customers in the Netherlands. In 2022, we will expand our customer base and validate our business model in selected markets. We also have projects in Indonesia and Mexico to figure out how to best enter low- and middle-income countries. These activities will lay the foundation for rapid scale-up and growth in 2023.

About you and the job to be done:

Picterus has developed a novel technology for the screening of jaundice in newborns, which has required significant R&D investments and recruitments. In addition, the engineering team has packaged the technology in an easy-to-use mobile app-based system. The current R&D and engineering team has strong competence both in complicated scientific development and product development. However, now that the company is transitioning from primarily R&D projects to delivering a product to customers, we want to strengthen the team's product development and delivery capabilities. The CTO recruitment is the first step towards that goal.

As our new CTO, your primary responsibilities will be:

● Leading, mentoring, and building an extremely competent team of engineers.

● Project management of both agile product development and research-oriented projects.

● Continuously deliver a high-quality product to our customers and partners as we scale and grow.

● Ensuring that our products and development activities adhere to strict regulatory requirements.

● Building and maintaining a customer support system

● Coordinating activities with the rest of the company.

● Developing and maintaining the company’s IPR.

● Coordinating and participating in technical communication (publications, conferences, white papers, etc.).

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Even though our product has a hardware component, a paper calibration card, the primary activity of the tech team is software development and research activities requiring software development. Therefore, we are interested in a CTO with solid experience in software development, preferably with experience managing software products with many users, who is also capable and willing to take an active part in product development.

In addition, as part of the company’s management team and as a team leader for highly skilled engineers, the CTO is required to have good people skills and the ability to negotiate effectively.

Our technical stack

We work primarily with open-source technologies and open standards. Our technical stack covers many disciplines, and we do not expect you to have experience in all fields.


flutter for UI, native layer camera management, and OpenAPI backend client.

java/kotlin and Swift for camera streaming plugin on Android/iOS.

C++ and OpenCV shared code for camera stream processing and card detection.


python/flask REST API server generated from OpenAPI spec, Let’s Encrypt for TLS.

GCP storage and SQLAlchemy+alembic for MySQL.

gRPC for communication w/jaundice estimation engine.

python/numpy for jaundice estimation engine.

redis for distributed precomputation and result caching.


GitLab for CI/CD. I.e., automatic testing and deployment, but also used for git repos, code reviews, and issue management.

Kubernetes on GKE for the deployment of services and load balancing.

docker/helm for containerization of deployments and version management.

prometheus and grafana for metrics.

Hardware (The Picterus Calibration Card):

Python code for spectral printing and creation of images for printing.

Caldera RIP used for printer control.

● Standard commercial inkjet printer used for card printing.

● Outsourced cutting of cards and packaging creation.

image: CTO - Help save lives with your technical expertise

Experience and personal skills

We are looking for a person with the following or similar experience:

● >5 years experience as a CTO, lead software engineer, or similar leadership role.

● Project management experience, both for agile processes and traditional development projects.

● In-depth knowledge of several of the company’s technologies.

● Experience with strategic work and strategy development.

● Experience working in highly regulated fields, preferably under a quality management system for developing medical products.

● Experience working with highly competent people in tech startups or other culturally similar working environments.

● Product management experience, which includes designing user-facing components and understanding customer needs and translating them into product features.

● Experience with customer support systems.

We are also looking for a person with the following personal skills:

● Great leadership skills, capable of generating motivation and a good team spirit.

● Excellent communication skills.

● Result-oriented.

● Curious, eager to learn.

● Socially intelligent, empathetic.

What we offer:

A chance to work on a technology that could significantly impact global health and potentially save or improve thousands of newborn lives.

Work with groundbreaking technology that could set a new standard of smartphone-based medical diagnostics.

Highly competent, motivated, and engaged colleagues.

The opportunity to continue developing your skills through internal and external competence building.

A positive and open work environment where initiatives and creativity are encouraged.

Stock options and benefits.

Semi-flexible working hours and a strong impact on your work assignments.

Monthly social activities with the team.


Language: Applications and CVs can be written in both English and Norwegian.

Picterus encourages applicants of all nationalities. The working language in the company is English.

The current CTO, whose competence is primarily in scientific development, will most likely transition to an R&D position when this recruitment is completed.

To apply to this position, please write an application stating why you are interested in working with us and why you believe you are a good fit for our company and the position. In addition, please attach your CV.

Start date: Flexible, but preferably before August 31.