Build a product that changes the game

Build the next big tech startup, take your skills to the next level, and meet complementary co-founders.

About you

You’ve been busy coding and building a product you don’t quite know how to sell, have an idea you want to validate, or simply possess a technical talent that you know sets you apart. You also long for the freedom to code whatever you want and have a sense of ownership over your craft.

You want to meet other hungry, complementary, and like-minded people who share your vision and values, and build something that could scale globally.

You love building fast and iterating along the way. In short, you’re a fan of building rapid MVPs.

Minecraft is the perfect example of a rapid MVP.

Minecraft is one of the most successful games in the history of game development, especially if you take development cost into consideration. Going back to its early days; it's possibly one of the best examples of the release early and often mindset.

In summary, this was the very first public release of Minecraft after just six days of coding by a single developer!

In its first MVP, you couldn’t do much - it was just a basic block of a 3D landscape where the player could dig blocks from one place to another to create very simple structures. That's it! Looking closely, was this the minimum they could do to demonstrate the game? Yes.

It might not be the most complex game, but it was certainly interesting enough to attract gamers to try it out. So, was it viable? Yes. A product? Definitely. The first release got the product validation it needed because tons of gamers were talking about it, and many signed up.

image: Build a product that changes the game

Over the first year, they had 100+ releases in a fast iterative approach based on how the users used the product and leveraged the thoughts of real gamers who signed up for early access.

Gradually a small development team was formed around the game, and it became a smash hit globally! Eventually, they sold the game to Microsoft for $2.5 billion - a truly amazing success story. Inspired? We hope so!

image: Build a product that changes the game

Founders with a purpose

Meet three technical founders who have built successful companies with Antler’s support.

Øyvind; spent 1.5 years working on an algorithm worth writing home about. But he couldn't find a way to commercialize it and kept getting turned down. He soon realized he was talking to all the wrong people. He then joined the Antler cohort and met his co-founders. Together, they took things to the next level. He’s now the co-founder of Sloyd, helping digital creators live up to their full potential by making 3D creation easier.

Lars; a full-stack developer by craft. Recently bought a new apartment but couldn’t stand the thought of decorating it. He joined the Antler cohort and pitched this pain point. He quickly found out that he wasn’t alone, and others shared a passion for the problem too. This set the foundation for the trio that has now co-founded and built Oamly, a smart interior design platform that lets you customize indoor spaces quickly and effortlessly.

John; lived abroad for some years and has a solid data science background. Finds himself coming up with many ideas but never really gets a piece of the cake. He joined the Antler cohort where he met like-minded people who shared his values and vision. Through this experience, he met his co-founders and together they built Glint Solar, the leading site analysis tool for floating solar.

These three Founders received a positive investment decision and are now co-founders of a VC-backed company. Inspired to stop waiting around for others to dictate what you build and start your own journey? Hit us up at to learn more.

About Antler

Antler is a global early-stage venture capital firm that invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow. Antler is on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by identifying, investing in, and challenging the world’s most exceptional people to build groundbreaking technology companies.

We believe anyone with the right grit, spike, drive, and ambition can change the world. Antler is present in most major startup ecosystems across five continents, including in hubs such as New York, London, Berlin, Bangalore, Singapore, and Sydney. Since launching in 2017, we have invested in over 500 companies across the world, and our portfolio represents over 30 different industries, such as healthtech, proptech, deeptech, and fintech.


Applications are open for the cohort starting August 16th and we’ll be interviewing throughout the summer.

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You are expected to commit full-time to this opportunity. We don't invest in side-hustles. Join the cohort, bring your ideas/product, meet complementary co-founders, and co-build a startup that receives an investment from a global VC.