Backend developer,, (Aller Media AS) 😍

We are the media conglomerate behind,, and of course, and we want you to become the next backend developer on our amazing data platform. 😍

You may not have heard of Aller Media, but we are certain you know our websites! Millions of Norwegians visit,, and every day.

Millions of page views means millions of data points (250 gigabytes daily to be exact) in our world leading data platform. 😎

We have huge ambitions for our plattform, that is why we are looking for an awesome backend developer for our data-team.

Modern stack

Our core philosophy at Aller Media is to build one plattform across our brands. That means we build generalized, reusable code, with little technical debt.

Our data plattform is a central part of our stack. The goal of the plattform is to research and implement functionality that will give readers of every Aller site a better user experience, through personalized articles and content.

We believe in separation of concern, that is why our system is composed of a range of microservices. A robust PubSub implementation sits on top of the system ensuring consistent data flow.

«Our backend developers have fallen in love with Go.»

Our backend developers have fallen in love with Go. 😍 That is why we have decided to become a "Go house" at Aller Media. Most of our current backend code is either written in Go, or being refactored to Go.

For data collection we use Redis, Postgres, Bigtable. We use BigQuery for data analysis. All our services are hosted on Google's Kubernetes Engine.

In addition, we use Varnish as a caching layer.

image: Backend developer,, (Aller Media AS) 😍

Your new backend team

The Data Platform team is responsible for developing systems for collecting, processing, and utilizing data within the company.

The team has built a world-leading personalization and automation system, which provides personalized control over the look and feel of Aller's sites in real time. 🏃

You will help us refine and further develop the platform, and hopefully bring to life the next great idea our readers will love. ❤️

Preferred Qualifications

We strongly believe that excellent developers come from a variety of different backgrounds. As a guide, we are looking for someone with:

  • Programming experience, preferably in Go, Rust, Java, C, or similar.
  • Experience working with any of the technologies that we use (Kubernetes, PubSub, Bigtable, BigQuery, Varnish).
  • Data analysis skills (SQL, R, Pandas, etc.)
  • Experience with high-throughput distributed systems.

However, this list is not intended to discourage applications. We are open to hearing from anyone who believes they have something valuable to offer in this role. 👋

The ideal candidate is someone who can take an idea and make it happen. That often involves more than just technical skill, and we are looking for someone who thrives in that type of environment.

Interested? We would love to talk with you 🥳

In short we are looking for you if you are curious about our tech, have great ideas, and is enthusiastic about implementing them.

If this sounds like you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

Jørgen Jacobsen - lead developer
TLF: +4790014469