Are you a backend developer who wants to develop a new marketplace that is going Nordic?

Are you a backend/fullstack developer who wants to develop a new marketplace that is going Nordic?

Schibsted’s Nordic Accelerator Unit (NAU) is working to find, nail and scale entirely new marketplace concepts for and the other Schibsted marketplaces in the Nordics, like Blocket in Sweden and Tori in Finland. We are looking into new areas or brand new ideas - involving new markets, businesses, or technology. To implement our ideas, we invest or collaborate with startups, or start internal projects to build completely new marketplaces. We always work user-focused to find the ultimate goal of helping people make smarter choices for themselves and society.

One of the teams now scaling to the Nordics is the Car Subscription team. The car subscription market is growing in Norway, and during the next months, we will scale to Sweden and Denmark. In Schibsted we will be one of the first marketplaces that scale Nordic, so we will have to walk up the path and try out new things. Other marketplaces will come after, so we may set the standard for the future.

As a developer in the Car Subscription team you will be working closely with a team of six developers, one engineering manager, and people from business, sales and UX, in total we are thirteen engaged colleagues.

What you will be up to

  • Develop features for the Car Subscription solution and help us go Nordic.
  • Attend the team’s processes which mix Radical Focus and Kanban with Monday Commitment, Friday Wins, check-ins and retrospective. We improve ourselves continuously.

Who are you?

You love solving problems, taking responsibility and initiative, and working with others. You have a strong interest in backend and have enough experience to bring new perspectives and thoughts to the team. Preferably, you have a BSc or MSc within IT, but relevant work experience can compensate for lacking degrees.

Keeping up to date on the latest developments in technology and methods is important to us. This does not mean that you have to know everything but you should have a commitment and motivation to learn.

We practice “freedom of Technology” in our team. Today, most of the backend development is done in Kotlin, and you will also come across Spring, Spring boot, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes and Postgres to name a few. In frontend we use Vue, JavaScript and Podium (microfrontend).

More about FINN and The Nordic Accelerator Unit

The FINN Technology Organization in Oslo consists of approximately 200 inhouse developers. Increased international competition, changing user behavior and emerging technology constantly keep us on our toes. We are already heavily invested in microservices, data pipelines & eventual consistency, machine learning, domain-driven design, and at FINN, we deploy changes to production more than a thousand times every week. We try to maintain a high degree of autonomy in our teams, and they are largely free to choose which technologies are best suited for their tasks. You will on a daily basis work in one of the cross functional teams of the Schibsted Nordic Accelerator Unit, covering FINN in Norway, Blocket in Sweden, DBA and Bilbasen in Denmark, and Tori and Oikotie in Finland.

What we can offer:

We offer competitive compensation and cool benefits, like fun educational trips to build spirit and create good experiences (where more than 80% of our employees sign up), great cabins at Trysil and Aftenposten-, VG+-, PodMe- E24-subscription. We focus on our employees’ health with (among other things) weekly SATS training, improvement of cross-country skiing technique in the winter and massages in the office. We also enjoy inviting people home for educational evenings and ‘after work’ at FINN.

At FINN we believe in flexible working hours, a good work-life balance and the option to have home office 1-3 days a week.

Do you want to come work with us?

To help us consider your application, please provide a CV and link to an updated LinkedIn profile. You may also add links to Github projects, presentations or other things that you might be proud of.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Om arbeidsgiveren

In 2022, FINN turns 22 years old. During this time, almost every Norwegian has tested our service. Every year, every Norwegian spends an average of 30 hours on FINN, and in total, our users surf through more than 15 billion pages. Talk about an engaging gang! A career at FINN ensures you many good stories at a party. It’s a brand 96% of Norway's population knows, and our reputation is one of Norway's strongest. In FINN, we go to work every day to help people make smart choices for themselves and society.

FINN is owned by Schibsted and our more than 400 pleasant colleagues are located in Grensen in Oslo. As we have implemented a hybrid solution, some are working from home and some are working in our newly renovated office. We are proud that FINN has been named one of Norway's best workplaces for several years in a row in the Great Place to Work award. Those who know us know that we have a set of values that characterize us in everything we do: DRIVE, PRECISION, TOLERANCE, and SPIRIT.