The candidate was about to get rejected.. again, but the challenge gave him the job

Allente Nordic job challenges are out! Are you up for a challenge?

What if you could deliver an industry-relevant challenge to showcase your skills instead of the conventional “application + CV” when applying for a new job? Well, we at AvantGarde, Allente Nordic and Diggit have created some amazing challenges tailored specifically for the four vacant positions we now have at Allente! And they all function as applications when you submit them!

Why did Allente decide to start making challenges and who is this candidate who was almost rejected?

Abir Khan was laid off during the corona pandemic. Most people would get disappointed by this, but he saw it as a golden opportunity to follow his new passion, and apply for software development jobs!

His growth mindset pushed him to immediately start upskilling himself within all the latest tech stacks! BUT he still didn't have any years of experience as a software developer. His newfound passion wasn’t enough, since he never got an opportunity to actually prove his job skills!

However, one of the many companies he applied to, Innovation Norway, was looking at his CV. Unfortunately, they were about to reject him “Ah it’s such a shame”, said Head of Development at IN, Rune Vangen. “He’s really a great fit - but we can’t hire him - need proof”. Rune has high standards and can’t hire without evidence. So he decided to craft a Diggit challenge; a work-based job challenge on the actual projects they are working on.

He sent it to Abir and said, “Look, we really like you, but we’re not confident you’re the right fit. But we do believe in your potential and want to give you a second chance. Take this challenge, learn about our latest projects- We’ll be in touch.”

Abir took that challenge and got a high score, similar to even senior developers! Finally, Rune didn’t just get in touch with him, he also gave him a job offer. And the best of all? This is all a true story.

Maybe you also feel the same way. Maybe you see potential in yourself but don’t have a perfect CV or many years of experience. The question is, are you also willing to prove your ability, and grow with determination like Abir?

Discover how we disrupt!

We at AvantGarde Search are tearing apart the long-winded and complex processes and building new and disruptive ways of securing the best talent! Together with Allente Nordic and Diggit, we are looking to challenge and disrupt the conservative recruitment processes and contribute towards revolutionizing and streamlining recruitment! This is a huge step forward in tackling recruitment bias and giving opportunities to a forgotten talent pool that is overlooked in society today. You will now have the chance to prove yourself and challenge yourself in exactly the challenges you will be working with daily at Allente without having to stress on being left out due to lack of experience, education, name, ethnicity, or gender!

Allente is asking for your help!

Allente is currently innovating in the TV program sector, with over 1 million customers in the Nordics, and are challenging YOU to help them! The television market is huge, but the future is questionable and it’s harder than ever to find the right digital provider. The content coming out from Netflix, disney+, HBO can be amazing; however, the more streaming providers coming out the harder it is to find the programs available!

The problems they’re tackling 💪

1. It’s hard to find the right content.

2. It’s even harder to find meaningful content tailored to YOU!

But.. What if you could get a bundle from all providers based on the shows that you want- with only one provider (i.e Allente)? 🧐

Now is the time to innovate in the entertainment sector by allowing people personalized tv programs from any provider combined with a meaningful TV recommendation system! 🙌

We here at AvantGarde Search, Diggit and Allente Nordic are giving you the chance to prove your skills in the first step of the hiring process without the need for a CV or Resume - simply because we believe in your potential🤩

Ah. What are the rewards you ask?? For scoring highly - Job interviews for the following major software dev roles! So are you up for the challenge? CAN YOU DIG’'IT?

Positions available + Challenges:

1x Junior Frontend Developer:

1x Senior Fullstack Developer

2x positions within Senior Software Engineering (design + architecting + building components)

For more information about the positions:

Frontend and Fullstack

Integration Developers / Senior Software Engineer